Mercedes-Benz Bank

Objective: To make the client feel his new car on the paper he signs at the salon.

Mercedes-Benz is a leader of luxury cars and modern ways of automotive financing supported by Mercedes-Bez Bank. For many years, it’s been the incarnation of innovation, outstanding style and high quality of the product. I was asked to rebrand 150 documents and retail offers targeted to the customers.

To make the client feel his new car on the paper he signs at the salon.

Design Principle
I analysed over 15 client solutions from our competitors. I looked at their ways of displaying information, calculation systems, graphic solutions. Working closely with the Business and Development Department, I created a system that displays the accurate car proposal on the offer within a few seconds from entering the desired parameters. It gave us the dominance over our competitors and Mercedes-Benz can still be called the leader of innovation.

I’ve spent 300 hours analysing design solutions of the Mercedes cars. I have found several characteristic elements that mark the brand’s character and implemented them in my design. I used delicate, grey lines that make the cars and marketing material from Mercedes recognisable. Using the design book, I created the rules of the creation of further documents and offers.

Apart from the graphic design of the brochures and offers, my task was to implement the documents in the data system. I mastered the Birt software to programme it to my needs (using HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Eventually, the design has been linked to the Mercedes-Benz Bank databases.

The documents are generated automatically in every car salon in Poland.